Monday, January 31, 2011


One thing the has really been on my mind for a while is the loss of our language. With all the texting, and chatting on-line we have become so used to abbreviating words. The use of slang in everyday language has bogged us down and we no longer sound civilized. I invite you to go out and rent the TV series “Deadwood” and go see the movie “True Grit”. Do only watch the action on the scene, but listen to the dialect between the actors. Remember, both of these dramas are set in the 1800's. It will truly be a great loss to our society if we lose our words. The gift of the spoken word should be revered, not down graded. In jest, I submit to you the following e-mail I sent to my brother and his return response.
"My Dearest Brother, I hope this correspondence finds you well. All is well on the home front. Winter has reached our little hamlet and the temperatures have fallen, making it very cold. Your youngest daughter has been excelling at Dr. James A. Naismith’s game, and she seems to be a one person team. We have attended most of her contests and it has been a great joy to see her do so well. The whole family attends these outings, including Mother. Mother is doing well. She still has her days and a few episodes, but over all she is doing fine. I continue to struggle with my current occupation. The city fathers maintain the attitude that the employees can be stepped on. I recently filed a grievance against them and the case is set to go to mediation. I would be remiss in saying that you are not thought of often. I hope your travels are safe. It is my understanding that India lacks safety when it comes to motor vehicle transportation. Please use every precaution while riding on their conveyances. Also, beware of the female gender. I am told that they can be vixens or sirens. They may attempt to capture your essence of knowledge. Fair thee well, dear brother. I shall look forward to you return correspondence.

Affectionately your eldest brother, Sir. Chad Clark, Esq."
"Dearest Elder Brother,
Your correspondence has brought me much mirth in this, my most trying
hour. India is indeed all that I thought it to be, yet the intensity
and dichotomy of this fabulous land can be both exciting and tiresome
at times.
 My prayers are with you and your grievance against the City Fathers.
And in regards to the above mentioned 'vixens or sirens.' I have
indeed, as any fine English Gentlemen would, retained the entirety of
'my essence.Carry on the struggle until my triumpht return, brother.
my love is with you and our family,
Sir. Kiley Jon Clark, Esq.
Note the flow and form and feel. 
Fair thee well!!!!!!!!!